History of The Lamar Tower

Warrior Construction completed The Lamar Tower in 1965. The building was owned by a group of investors, headed by John Mecom. Mr. Mecom chose the glazed blue tiles on the exterior of the building after seeing similar terrazzo during a visit to Italy. Consistent with Mr. Mecom's commitment to high quality construction, each apartment unit had independent fresh air, exhaust vents, and temperature controls. The partitioning between units contained four layers of 5/8" fire rated sheet rock to enhance soundproofing and fireproofing. While The Lamar Tower was among the first high rise apartment buildings developed in the city along with Inwood Manor and the Willowick, its 8'-9' ceilings, floor to ceiling glass doors open to balconies and unobstructed views of the downtown and LT Building Top OnlyGalleria skylines set the standard for high rise residency that still remains today.

In 1992, the office building with adjacent garage located on the 1.345 acres north of The Lamar Tower was purchased by the community association. The building was demolished and improvements were made to include: landscaping with a jogging track, picnic and BBQ area. The three-level covered garage remains providing additional parking for residents and guests and is accessible through the main building. 

Today, The Lamar Tower is a high rise condominium of 280 units, a swimming pool, exercise room, two party rooms, recreational areas and the adjoining parking garage. The Lamar Tower offers the highest quality of high rise living in the River Oaks area neighborhood.


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